We here at Fruitful Cattery breed and specialize in British Shorthair Kittens with a Silver Shaded Chinchilla, Silver Ticked Chinchilla, Golden Shaded and Golden Ticked Chinchilla colors. All our kittens are raised at home underfoot in a loving atmosphere, and we expect all potential families to continue that in their own home. This means that they always have dry food and water available as well constant love and care. We do not let our kittens roam outside and insist that you do not as well. Our love for the breed sprouted 5 years ago when we happen to look for a British Shorthair kitten to purchase for our very own, and then happened to stumble upon an Austrian website that showcased this marvelous breed, needless to say I fell in love with their vivid almost emerald like green eyes the moment I saw them. We hope that all of you looking to find yourself a new family member will experience the same emotions I did when you find one of our very own kitties here.