Recommendations For Your New Kitten

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  • Food & Water: You will need approximately 3 different types of dishes for your new kitten. Preferably they are sturdy and the kitten won’t be able to knock them over easily. Each Cattery has their own preferred food type that is recommended for their kitten. Since you are dealing with a British Shorthair breed, we recommend “All Life Stage Cat Food” cat food, it is because they will require a lot of various vitamins and minerals for them to grow up strong and sturdy as it is indigenous to the British Shorthair breed. Water is required to be available to the kitten 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Always change the water 2 times daily for it to remain fresh.

  • Cat Litter: Your kitten is already potty trained, the only thing that remains, is to buy the correct litter. Just like food, each Cattery has their own brand that works for them, but after experimenting with a huge array of different types, we recommend the “World’s Best Cat Litter” brand of cat litter. Preferably, it is the lavender scented version or just the purple variation. It masks their scent much better then most and clumps easily so it’s not a hassle to clean. We also use a pinch of “Cat Attract” cat litter until they reach 6-8 months of age for them to know exactly what their litter box is for and to not have any accidents until they completely master it.
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  • Vitamins: Just like humans, animals also need their own dose of vitamins. This takes care of their overall health such as for skin, coat and various other nutrients that a cat would need. This helps against shedding by minimizing it’s effects during the average times throughout the year it regularly takes place being, spring and fall. We suggest you buy this brand “Pet Kelp Skin And Coat” formula and just follow the instructions on the back for the maximum effect.

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  • Grooming:   British Shorthair’s are known for their thick coat of fur, they have multiple layers. Taking care of it isn’t as much problematic as it is a habit you need to get yourself into to make sure they don’t shed everywhere and it helps them get the old fur out and the new fur growing in much easier with a helping hand. Most cat brushes are plastic or metallic based, we prefer a rubber brand “Kong Zoom Groom” brush. It attracts fur as it is getting brushed far more efficiently than other materials. Part of grooming also means having to clip your kitten’s nails every so often. I don’t recommend you do it with humans clippers as those just damage the sensitive part of their nail. It’s best to just have special cat clippers which as opposed to human ones, have a tendency to bite the nail, it merely trims it away. 

  • Cat Toys: Play, is an important part of a kitten’s physical and mental health (just like a human child). This is where they learn to test their boundaries, physical and social. They learn everything that is vital to their psychological growth through play. It can be further strengthened by playing with your kitten with anything from small mice, to plastic balls or even a couple of bird feathers attached to a stick that you can shake back and forth. This will make your new member of the family feel at home and at ease.
  • Scratching Post: Cats need to be able to sharpen their claws, it is in theirnature. Otherwise, they will do so on your furniture or carpet. To avoid building such a nasty habit, you must have a scratching post available at all times. These can range from basic stands to multiple level cat trees.