Buying a kitten

We cannot hold a kitten without a deposit. That being said, I do not want the person buying to feel rushed whilst making their decision. We can always work something out if there is a particular color and gender you are looking for. All deposits are non-refundable. Pet kitten deposits are 30% of the total price of the kitten. Deposits will go towards the purchase price of the kitten and or place you on our waiting list for the next available litter. All balances on kittens are to be paid in full prior to kitten leaving, no exceptions. We reserve the right to not sell a kitten to people we do not feel comfortable with, this is to make sure our kittens go only to people that are willing and completely able to take care of them to the standard that they are taken care of at home.

Shipping A kitten

We will gladly ship you a kitten anywhere in the USA, Canada or any other country that you need them to go to. However, we do not take care of the shipping process nor do we pay for it. If you need the kitten shipped to you, you will need to have the route planned, the ticket bought and someone to pick the kitten up on arrival. We will gladly drive the kitten to the airport located near us and place him or her on their flight.

Returning A kitten

If for any reason the Buyer cannot keep the kitten, the kitten must be returned to Fruitful Cattery. If the kitten is ever returned or surrendered back to the Seller for any reason, except problems covered with the Health Guarantee, once returned, no refunds will be given to buyer.